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The Blastdrive 3.0 HD Sound Effects Library
 $5,999.00  $4,999.00 
by Chris Dixon Date Added: Thursday 18 March, 2010
I am a home recording producer/engineer/band leader, and I bought the
Blastdrive as a sound-effects resource for my music for two main
reasons: 1) the samples are recorded at 24/96, and 2) it has a large
number of samples, and would – I thought – satisfy my every

It does indeed satisfy a lot of my needs, but I am a little disappointed
in certain areas. Animal and bird sounds seem rather under represented.
And often, sounds that are included are not isolated from other ambient
sounds, significantly reducing their usefulness. For example, I wanted
some seagulls crying for a song about a hot day on the beach, but in the
background is the sound of crashing waves. Also, I wanted more
different wave sounds. For this same song, I wanted the “pfshhhhhhh”
sound of the water flowing back into the sea across the sand after the
wave has broken, but there was nothing like this.

I realize of course, that this collection is aimed at post production
rather than music, but I am sure even people in post production prefer
to have each element recorded separately, so they can mix and match each
element together to get the perfect foley for their scene – and at
appropriate relative levels.

There are a lot of recorded sound effects for horror movies, etc., which
are just very slightly different from each other. That is the approach
I would have liked you to take for the foley too: lots of different
versions of the same natural sounds, and a great variety of different
birds, animals, naturally occurring sounds (waves, wind, trees creaking,
thunder….). If you could match the variety of the natural sounds with
the variety of the created sounds, that would greatly increase the
usefulness of the collection, I think.

Also, it would be helpful if updates, free samples, etc. could be made
available at 24/96. I am not interested in anything at 16/44.1, really,
and I am sure the same goes for anyone who specifically buys this high
resolution collection. And it would be helpful too if you would make it
clear what resolution various offers, updates and new collections were
produced at; then I can make an instant judgement whether I am
interested in it or not!

On the other hand, I have another song about noise pollution (I live in
Japan!), and there was a gorgeous plethora of toilet flushing, dog
barking, doorbell ringing, baby crying stuff that was perfect for my

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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