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Ric Viers, CEO


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Blastwave FX Booth AES '08


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Blastwave FX Booth AES '09

Blastwave FX develops next-generation HD sound effects libraries for professional audio production. Our design and engineering teams push the sound envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows. Blastwave FX libraries, including our flagship SONOPEDIATM HD sound effects library, serve as royalty-free creative resources for audio professionals worldwide in post, broadcast, film, television, video games, animation, radio, new media and beyond. Blastwave FX continually introduces innovation into the industry through SDS Hard Drive Libraries, Free Sound Effects Updates for Life, Sound Design Competitions, and the Blastwave Labs Blog.

Blastwave FX production is based in Detroit, MI and is headed by Ric Viers , author of The Sound Effects Bible (MWP).

Blastwave FX business development, licensing and distribution is headed by Pro Sound Effects, based in New York City.

Blastwave Labs (Official Company Blog)

Worldwide Production Headquarters:
Detroit, MI

General Inquiries, Sales & Support:

Distributor, Licensing & Business Development Inquiries:

+1 313 887 0370

"Blastwave is pioneering the future of sound effects. These libraries are essential for cutting edge sound design."

Marc Schaefgen - Worldwide Audio Director

Midway Games

"Ric Viers and the Blastwave FX team have put me in front again by delivering a relevant, edgy, and original collection done with first class production. Thanks for doing all the work, guys!"

Marc Senasac - Record Producer & Recording Engineer
Sony/CBS, MCA, & Virgin Records

"Some of the most boastful sound effects in any library we have used in the past. Blastwave is the next model to carbon copy for ease of use."

Quig - Director, Chrome Bumper Films
'06 Best Director Winner - NY International Independent Film Festival

"Imagine having a universal tool to create the sound design you dream about. We can't wait to see what is next from Blastwave!"

Tony Campana - Recording Engineer, 54 Sound
Eminem, Obie Trice, & D12

"Blastwave is my go-to library for fresh imaging elements. It is the most comprehensive library I have come across."

Lloyd Childress- Sound Designer
Copyright 2009 Blastwave FX