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Sonopedia 3.0 and Blastdrive 3.0 Upgrade Paths HEADING_TITLE

From time to time, we will offer you Upgrade Paths for your library. Upgrades consist of large volumes of sound effects designed to further expand your selection and make sure you have access to the latest, greatest and most useful sound effects on an ongoing basis.

Some clients occasionally confuse Updates with Upgrades. Updates are included with your library purchase price (eg. Sonopedia, Master Library) and are smaller bundles (~100 sounds) digitally delivered for free every 3 months. Upgrades are delivered on hard drive and usually consist of 10,000 sound effects or more.

Here are our currently available Library Upgrade Paths:

Sonopedia 3.0 & Blastdrive 3.0 Upgrade Path:Sonopedia 3.0 and Blastdrive 3.0 Hard Drive

  • 16,000 sound effects (157 GB)
  • 24/96 broadcast .wav files with rich embedded metadata
  • Delivered on brand new custom hard drive
  • 500 GB USB 3.0 Drive for Sonopedia owners
  • 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Drive for Blastdrive owners
  • $750 introductory price through June 15 (then $950)

To purchase the 3.0 Upgrade email upgrade@prosoundeffects.com

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