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Multi-User Licensing Overview & Fee Structures HEADING_TITLE

Blastwave FX Multi-User Licensing Overview:

 Blastwave FX sound effects libraries can be looked at as software. While software is easily shared and copied, organizations with 2 or more users and access requirements for many workstations must be properly licensed and pay additional installation and usage fees. While Blastwave FX does not require every single user to purchase a copy of each library, Blastwave FX does maintain a licensing fees to account for various multi-user configurations. Blastwave FX is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology and is committed to simply and easily accommodating your multi-user configuration, no matter what your IT infrastructure or asset management system happens to be (Soundminer, NetMix, mSoft, Final Cut Server, etc).

Blastwave FX sound effects libraries may be accessed by no more than one (1) workstation at a time.  Any sounds that are copied to Server, Hard Drive or other storage medium are to be used specifically for the purposes of synchronizing the audio with audio and/or visual productions or applications as defined in Blastwave FX End User License Agreement.

If you wish to make the sound effects library accessible by more than one (1) workstations, please contact Pro Sound Effects (our Master Licensor) to obtain a Multi-User Commercial Annual Site License. Click here to download an example agreement.

Blastwave FX provides Schools and Non-profit organizations with discounted fee structures for Non-Commercial Multi-User Licenses -  contact Pro Sound Effects for more information on Non-Commercial Licenses.

Sign up for a free sound effects licensing consultation, courtesy of our Master Licensor & Distributor, Pro Sound Effects.


Statement on Copyright Infringement:

Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Blastwave FX protects its copyright by all necessary means, including legal action. A valid Multi-User Annual Site License, issued directly by Blastwave FX is required to authorize multi-user and/or remote access to any Blastwave FX royalty free product regardless of whether or not an actual fee is stipulated under this fee schedule.


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