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Rules and Info (updated August 3, 2009)

• The soundtrack can be abstract or literal, surreal or real. We're curious to see how you sonically interpret the footage.

• Judging Criteria: The judges will evaluate entries based on creative use of sound effects, how well the soundtrack supports the video or vise versa, and structure and flow from beginning to end.

• The judges will evaluate only the 30 second commercial, not the intro and outro.  However, when we play the submissions on our site, we'll play the entire video so it could be beneficial to sound design the titles.

• The Winner must be prepared to describe how they created their sound narrative, such as what kinds of effects and editing techniques they used, software used, etc.

• Audio format for entries: 16-bit 48 or 44.1 kHz stereo .wav file (audio only, please). Entries should be 0:43 in length, even if there is no sound design for the intro and outro.

• Submit entries by September 15, 2009 to us via our SoundCloud account or via email to laura@blastwavefx.com   You will receive a confirmation email within four days upon submitting.

• You are only allowed to use sounds included in the download package. You are not allowed to use sounds from any other source. You are allowed and encouraged to manipulate, chop up, process, layer, distort etc. the sounds.

• Participants’ names will be withheld from judges.

• The winner receives The BLASTDRIVE ($5,999 value) and mention on www.mixonline.com, www.remixonline.com and www.blastwavefx.com.  The first ten runners up receive a power pack of their choice from Blastwave FX.

• Participants release all ownership rights related to their soundtrack to Mix Magazine and Blastwave FX.


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