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NAB 2010 – Blastwave FX

April 28th, 2010

NAB 2010 was a success. We spent time meeting new clients, catching up with old ones, and having friendly battles with our respected rival, Hollywood Edge (watch the video below).

To re-iterate the words of Ric Viers, “Don’t be a lazy sound designer. Don’t just ‘use’ stock sounds. Design and create your own sound effects with them!”

Why is Blastwave FX Different?

The most frequently asked question at NAB was, What makes Blastwave FX different from the other companies out there? For a video answer to that, watch the NAB 2010 Promo video below.

Traditional Text Answers:

  • Your library grows as we grow: If you purchase a Comprehensive Lifetime Sound Design Solution, you will receive quarterly, free updates as long as Blastwave FX exsits.  It’s not just a one-time purchase but a sound investment.  (Couldn’t help the pun. Forgive us.)
  • Contemporary Realism: Our sound effects were recorded within the past four years, and we continue to record new sounds on a weekly basis. It’s vital for your media to sound as modern as it looks, so if your production features cars, computers, phones etc. of the present time, a sound effect recorded ten years ago simply won’t cut it.  Times change and so do sounds.
  • All of our  sound effects libraries are High Definition: Sure, the term high definition is often misused or somewhat vague, but our use is technical: It simply means our sounds were recorded, edited and mastered in 24-bit/96kHz with the highest quality microphones out there.  This means the highest frequencies were captured cleanly and you get greater dynamic range than analogue recordings that were digitized to 16-bit/48kHz.

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