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Sound Design Competitions

Details and Registration for the Blastwave FX Halloween Sound Design Competition

Blastwave FX Halloween Sound Design Competition 2011
For information about the Blastwave FX & AVID sound design competition, click here .Blastwave FX and Avid Competition


 BWFX Sound Design Competition Click here to view top twenty entries, judges' comments and more.

Click here for more information about the competition in general.

Congratulations to Tobias Poppe of Dusseldorf, Germany (now Los Angeles, CA) winner of the recent Blastwave FX Sound Design Competition . Poppe and all other participants downloaded 50 free sound effects from www.blastwavefx.com and created a soundtrack to footage of water balloons hitting people in the face. The winning prize was a one-year Mix Magazine subscription and the BLASTDRIVE ($5,999), a 397 GB Comprehensive Lifetime Sound Design Solution (CLSDS) featuring 31,700  sound effects on a Glyph Hard Drive, a sound effects search engine (Mac/PC) and recently announced Free Updates for Life.

For more information about the winner and top twenty entries click here .

SONOPEDIA Sound Design Competition

Listen to what users are creating with
Blastwave FX Sound Effects!

In November 2008, Post Magazine and Blastwave FX teamed up to sponsor the first SONOPEDIA Sound Design Competition. The challenge was to create a 30 second sound design narrative using any of the 40 sound effects that was available to download free from Blastwave FX. The winner received SONOPEDIA™ - 20,000 HD sound effects on a 250 GB Glyph hard drive. The competition was judged by Academy Award winners Richard King, Randy Thom, and Lon Bender.

Many thanks to our judges:


Richard King



Randy Thom


Lon Bender

SONOPEDIA Sound Design Competition Results

Listen to the top twenty entries and judge for yourself which pieces you like best. You can award each piece up to five stars and sound off your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom of the page.


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