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HD Sound Effects Libraries from BlastWaveFX FREE Shipping
on orders over $200

Blastwave FX is pleased to announce a major 2.0 UPGRADE - 10,000 new HD sound effects available (over 100 GB) to all owners of SONOPEDIA and BLASTDRIVE.

There are 2 paths to the 2.0 Upgrade:

1) Send us a 250GB (or larger) hard drive, receive JUST the upgrade (10,000 new sounds) cost: $525, domestic return shipping included.

2) Receive a new SONOPEDIA 2.0 or BLASTDRIVE 2.0 (500GB hard drive) cost: $775, domestic return shipping included. If you choose this option, you may keep the old hard drive and use it either as a backup or for any other storage purpose. You may NOT resell SONOPEDIA or The BLASTDIVE, but if you erase the drive you may sell just the drive. Please contact us with questions:

Note that free updates are included with BLASTDRIVE & SONOPEDIA.

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