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2+ Users? Multi-User Licensing for Sound Effects Libraries

September 30th, 2010

Blastwave FX enjoys a wide range of users/clients, from the eccentric hobbyist spider videographer (yes, BUGS!) to the largest multinational post production, broadcast, videogame and new media companies, and everything imaginable in between.sound effects library

Beyond individual users (who only have two hands!), many people (= lots of hands!) wish to share Blastwave FX libraries within their organization, whether it be 3 sound designers connected to shared storage or 1000 editors downloading from  footprinted servers across the globe.

That said, many are unaware of the following fact:

If you have 2 or more users you need a Multi-User License. If you have 2+ users and wish to share and/or access sound effects libraries on shared storage (hard disk, server, SAN etc.), you require a Multi-User License. Multi-User Licenses usually entail additional fees – similar to software. This is detailed in Blastwave FX’s End User License Agreement.

Think about it – if you purchase 1 copy of Final Cut Pro software that certainly does not mean you are entitled to install FCP software on all of your colleague’s computers!

This works the same for sound effects libraries created by all major publishers. Unfortunately, 2+ multi-user licensing is a fact that many sound effects users are unaware of.  Many assume “royalty-free” and “buy-out” mean that when you purchase the product, say SONOPEDIA, the purchase price alone licenses you to share with any number of people you work with on any given media production. Perhaps sound effects publishers are not doing a good job educating and communicating this fact – so here goes a humble start – a blog entry meant to get the ball rolling.

Pro Sound Effects (PSE) is the master distributor and licensor for Blastwave FX. As the master licensor, PSE charged with setting up, issuing and administering multi-user licenses. PSE administers licensing and distribution for Blastwave FX and similar variations of duties many other sound effects libraries, depending on the situation.

Have a question on Blastwave FX multi-user licensing or multi-user licensing in general? Contact us at
We’ll be glad to walk you through all of the various sound effects licensing options.

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