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Inside Blastwave FX: Past, Present & Future

July 26th, 2010

New to Blastwave FX? Haven’t hung out with us in a while?  Well here are some highlights of what we’ve been doing with sound effects , and what we plan on doing!

Sound Design Competitions (Past): The Blastwave FX and Avid Competition and Giveaway garnered over 100 entries from over ten countries from the UK to Japan and Argentina.  German sound designer Martin Schütze took the grand prize which included SONOPEDIA, but it was nearly a tie with David Barnaby from California and Malgorzata Polit from Italy.  One of our judges included none other than Skip Leivsay, sound design guru for pictures such as A Serious Man and No Country for Old Men.

Sound Design Competitions (Future): We are working on the next sound design competition, meanwhile if you have any ideas or requests for theme of the competition we welcome your thoughts. (email competition@blastwavefx.com)

Download Sound Effects (Past):  We currently have two free download packs available with a total of over 100 sounds.  If you haven’t been rendezvous-ing with us for a while, make sure you check them out!

Download Sound Effects (Future): We will be offering the free download pack #3 in August, so stay tuned for more ear-caressing sounds, yours to use as you please.

F.A.Q. : What does the “HD”refer to in HD Sound Effects Libraries? Well, though most of us know it refers to High Definition, this term can be ambiguous or sometimes insulting, for example when digital radio stations use the term but are broadcasting highly compressed audio.  For Blastwave FX, HD means that we used top recording equipment, with refined recording techniques (head of Blastwave FX Ric Viers has his secret techniques, maybe one day he’ll share), and at 24bit 96 kHz (high bit depth and sample rate).

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